CLEATUS' NFL Pool Status: CLOSED until the start of the 2024 season

- - - The 2024 Season - Kickoff may be on September 5th, 5:30 MST - - -


CLEATUS' NFL Pool provides two games to play during the regular season. First is a Weekly Pool. Also refered to as a pick 'em pool, players select the winning team for each game played for the week. Whoever gets the most games right wins the pot for the week.

The second game is a Survivor Pool, often called suicide or knockout. Players pick one team to win their game. If the team wins, the player gets to pick a team the next week. If the team loses, the player is out of the game. Although, in this game, a player has to lose twice before being kicked out. The last remaining player, 'the survivor', wins the pot.

For more information, please see the rules for each game. Links are available below.

As many of you long-time players of CLEATUS' NFL Pool may remember, I used to host my own pick-sheets on this site. Since web browser security has surpassed my web development skills, I have partnered with someone whose's know-how far exceeds my own, OFFICE POOL STOP, to manage our games. I've renewed our leagues on their site ( for the 2023 season.

You will need to have a profile on their website, but Office Pool Stop will not charge anything for joining to play either pool, refered to as 'leagues'. Follow the prompts to create your profile. If you need any help, follow the steps outlined on the Notes for creating a profile page linked below. Or let me know, and I can create one for you. Thank you!

If you have played before, the system will remeber your email address, and can prompt you to reset your password if needed. The first time you go to the website, you'll get prompted to join a league.

The two leagues I created are:

CLEATUS' NFL Pool [League ID: 33992]

CLEATUS' Survivor Pool [League ID: 33994]

The password for each league is: Cleatus34. You can join both, or just one, like before. If you do join both leagues, you will not need to create separate profiles. Just one is needed. Each profile is based on your email address. New this year to our sites, if you would like a friend or family member to use the same email address, you can create a clone. For more information, pleasse read this article.

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CLEATUS the ROBOT took over running this NFL Pool from Garfield several seasons ago. For those under the opinion that that any funny business forced the change-over, Garfield is fine and back with Jon Arbuckle in his never-ending quest for the perfect nap and tray of lasagna.

When not hosting the pool, CLEATUS serves as the official mascot for Fox NFL Sunday, Fox’s NFL pre-game show. It was named through a viewer contest held in the winter of 2007, in which fans were asked to submit entries to select the robot’s name. CLEATUS made its first appearance on the program during the 2005–06 NFL season, but did not appear regularly until the following season.

CLEATUS' origins can be traced to Gary Hartley, shortly after joining the FOX SPORTS graphics department in 1995. “I remember one day, my son, who was 7 or 8, had drawn me a picture of a hybrid robotic football-player-slash-cowboy. He was really sold: ‘You should do this! It would be so cool!’ says Hartley. Following a divorce, he had been traveling back and forth from L.A. to Chicago frequently to see his son, who lived 2,000 miles away. “It was in my desk, and I pulled it out one day, and it hit me. We should do this. But not create another robotic football player. Let’s create a character synonymous with the [Fox Sports] logo, that gives us the authority to interact [with the viewer].” More of the story can be found HERE.

Cleatus has been immortalized by Fox as an action figure. Some models are still available to purchase in special uniforms customized for NFL franchises, and other teams. Search HERE.

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Ever since I've had a computer and was able to print signs and greeting cards, I have done so under the name, Lew's New Olde Print Shoppe. "Print" now includes digital media, like this web page.